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After Villu, Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay has moved on ahead with his next project Vettaikaran. This film is being produced by AVM and directed by Babu Sivan, a former associate of Dharani. Shooting for the film began on March 9th with Vijay’s intro song being canned in Rajamundry with many junior artistes.


For two reasons: as we sip a hot drink, we also sip in air, which cool the liquid, and the saliva in our mouth dilutes the liquid and cools it before we swallow it.

The recent sensation in the kollywood is SMS(Siva manasula Sakthi). The movie starring Jeeva was already declared as a hit. the first high quality Video rip is available in the internet and the download links for the movie is placed below

jai ho rocks across the entire country. Kudos to AR. Rahman for bringing oscar award to India. The latest sensation Jai Ho is available in the internet and already it is creating waves across the nation. In order to download the song just visit the below url

Enjoy by seeing the sizzling pictures of Maria Sherapova

Light, usually bluish, emitted when a fast moving electrically charged automatic particle passes through a transport solid or liquid at a speed greater than that at which light travels in the solid or liquid. This radiation, named after the Russian physicist Pavl Alekseyevich Cerenkov who observed it in 1934, is the optical equivalent of the sonic boom emitted by supersonic aircraft, and can be used to detect electrically charged particles.

Apparatus with which objects too small to be seen with any optical microscope can be examined. Streams of electrons are generated by an electron gun and beamed to illuminate the object to be studied. They are focused with a magnetic coil on to a photographic plate or on to a video screen to form the magnitude image. Electrons have a shorter wave length than light, so they can reveal finer detail

elite event. Five players are sitting joint-top scorers of this season’s UEFA Champions League, but only four can add on to their impressive goal tally. Marseille’s Mamdou Niang, who took the competition by storm in the group stages, will have to sit and watch the rest of the tournament after the French giants got knocked out in Group D. Juventus’ evergreen captain Alessandro Del Piero has been rolling back the years in this edition with five scorching beauties in the group stages. Hs majestic display against a hapless Real Madrid was one of the best individual performances in the group stages. Steven Gerrard, who we all know has a tendency to bail his team out when the going gets tough, has put his name amongst the best with five thunderbolts, some worthy of goal of the tournament. Lyon’s French megastar Karim Benzema knows no boundaries as he terrorized European defences into submission and sits on five as well. Rounding up the lot is Barcelona’s Argentine magician Lionel Messi, a potential Player of the Tournament whose mesmerizing runs have given defenders nightmares across Europe.

The name Ganga is famous alike in legend and history and it is considered the most sacred river by the Hindus. It covers, what is called the heartland of India, which was the main center of the ancient Aryan culture. It rises near the glacier, Gangotri in the Himalayas and flows through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal to fall into the Bay of Bengal.

At the North Pole, one cannot catch the cold in winter. Likewise, no one can contact the transmitted viruses causing “flu “nor the ailments transmitted by viruses and gems, since the winter temperature is so low in this part of the world that none of the standard disease causing micro organisms can survive.