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Monthly Archives: March 2009

After Villu, Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay has moved on ahead with his next project Vettaikaran. This film is being produced by AVM and directed by Babu Sivan, a former associate of Dharani. Shooting for the film began on March 9th with Vijay’s intro song being canned in Rajamundry with many junior artistes.


For two reasons: as we sip a hot drink, we also sip in air, which cool the liquid, and the saliva in our mouth dilutes the liquid and cools it before we swallow it.

The recent sensation in the kollywood is SMS(Siva manasula Sakthi). The movie starring Jeeva was already declared as a hit. the first high quality Video rip is available in the internet and the download links for the movie is placed below

jai ho rocks across the entire country. Kudos to AR. Rahman for bringing oscar award to India. The latest sensation Jai Ho is available in the internet and already it is creating waves across the nation. In order to download the song just visit the below url